Devanand Janki
Director & Choreographer

Directing & Choreography Photos

The Full Monty

Dev directed and choreographed this production for the Foothills Theatre in Worcester, Massachusetts

Tommy Labanaris, Steve De Bruyne, James Moye, Freddy Geils, Peter S. Adams & Calvin Orlando Smith Let it Go

Anika Larson & Freddy Geils You Rule My World

Mary Ellen Ashley & The Men Jeanette's Showbiz Number

Calvin Orlando Smith, James Moye, Freddy Geils, Peter S. Adams, Tommy Labanaris & Steve De Bruyne Michael Jordan's Ball

Gretchen Goldsworthy, James Moye, Freddy Geils, Steve De Bruyne & R. J. Laplant
You Gotta Love That Man

James Moye, Freddy Geils Big Ass Rock

James Moye, Freddy Geils

David August, Anika Larson, Karen Weinburg & Kerry Arsenault Keno's Strip

James Moye & Nicholas Silverio

Karen Weinburg, Anika Larson, Kerry Arsenault & Jenna Lea Scott Woman's World

James Moye, Freddy Geils, Anika Larson, Karen Weinburg, Kerry Arsenault & Jenna Lea Scott

The Male Ensemble Scrap

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